Software Engineering (Part 1-2)
The goal of the course is: Training in the basic principles and methods used at various stages of software development of complex computer systems, as well as training in the organization of software development processes.

Course Information

Place: In person
Instructor: Boriss Mišņevs
Level of course: Bachelor
Language of the Course: English

Course prerequisites:  Programming, Programming Languages Concepts, Discrete Mathematics, Higher Mathematics, Data Structures and Algorithms

Credit points:  6 CP | 9 ECTS

Price:  330 € without VAT

General information

After successful completion of the course, student will be able to demonstrate and employ the following:


  • Know the principles and methods of analysis of the initial develop-ment problems and the requirements formation for the software prod-ucts; principles and methods of analysis, design, testing and mainte-nance of software products; methods and means of software project management, quantitative estimation of the software; modern tools for computer-aided software engineering; trends in industrial software production (knowledge).


  • Plan the work on a software project; lead independent development and an estimation of quality of concrete software product; provide support for the software product (skills).


  • Have a sufficient background in software engineering, which allows to work with the modern scientific literature; quickly adapt to new sci-entific and practical achievements in the field of SE; understand boundaries of various software engineering processes, including un-derstanding the SE trends, opening as far as progress in area of computer
    science and technologies; be able to use scientifically-methodical fundamentals and standards in the domain of SE, be able to apply them; have the idea about functional potential of most widespread development methodologies, and also necessary skills on their use; be master of methods and facilities supporting team-work, planning and effective organization of software development; be able to compre-hend and expound gained knowledge at scientific and technical and professional level; be able to track trends and directions in software engineering (competences).

Hurry up to apply! The number of participants in the group is limited - maximum 12 people!

To Apply

For more information please write to, Transport and Telecommunication Institute, Lomonosova Street 1 - Room 404, Riga, LV-1019, Latvia, phone: (+371) 67100535, (+371) 29389408

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