Accenture Baltics Hosts Annual Event for TSI

TSI staff

On December 5th, representatives of TSI, Transport and Telecommunication Institute, were invited to visit its strategic long term partner – Accenture Baltics – for a meeting event. Annual event, which became a valuable networking tradition, was hosted in the Accenture Baltics office in Riga and brought together representatives of IT business and education industries. Insightful […]

TSI signs memorandum of understanding with the ELISA Aerospace Engineering University in Bordeux (France)


Indicating the intent of long-term collaboration within the broad work frame of educational activities, TSI, Transport and Telecommunication Institute signed a memorandum of understanding with the ELISA Aerospace Engineering University in Bordeux (France). TSI signed the memorandum with a strategically valuable partner, expanding, but not limiting cooperation between universities in mobility programmes, exchange programmes, joint […]

New class from TSI partner X Infotech

On November 27th, a renovated computer class was solemnly opened at TSI. The unique design of the class is provided by TSI’s long-term partner – X Infotech – a global provider of software solutions for issuing and verifying digital identification documents and smart cards. Modernised design was implemented to create a nowadays in-time tech environment […]

Study course led by a virtual assistant: TSI participates in the digitization initiative of leading Latvian universities

Student working at laptop

Upgrading Latvian education according to world-class standards, within the framework of the EU Social Fund project “Digitalization initiatives for student involvement and improvement of study quality at the University of Latvia and project cooperation partner universities” (No. joint digitalization initiatives have been introduced in five Latvian universities, implementing the advantageous solutions of ICT technologies […]

Apply for the TSI Student Council!

apply for student council

Responsible, creative, open-minded, socially active… Are all those things about you? Does student life drive your interests? Become a part of the TSI Student Council team – make your ideas become reality and nourish the TSI student community, by being YOU! ANY TSI student can apply to become a member of the Student Council. Applications […]

TSI Welcomes Honorary Guests from Kazakhstan

Guests from Kazakhstan

On November 16th, 2023, a delegation from the Civil Aviation Academy of Kazakhstan (CAA) visited TSI. The delegation was led by the Chairman of the Board of Directors – Rector of CAA, Candidate of Economic Sciences Beken Seidakhmetov. TSI, as university of applied sciences, has more than 10 years long collaboration with the Academy, and […]

Congratulations on the National Holidays of Latvia!

Latvia flags

Congratulations on the memorial day for soldiers who fought for the independence of Latvia – Lāčplēsis Day and on the upcoming 105th anniversary of the Republic of Latvia! We wish everyone a happy holiday! We draw your attention to the fact that, due to the holidays, on November 18 and November 20, TSI, the Institute […]

TSI Team Wins the Volleyball Championship Between Universities

TSI Veleyball sportsmen

At the end of October, three TSI volleyball teams took part in competitions between Latvian universities. Competing in honor of TSI, Rolands Ļipskis, Iļja Ežkovs, Dmitrijs Ļimankins, Kristiāns Ilenāns, Oļegs Skorinkins and Vjačeslavs Ovsjankins participated in the championship. During intense matches, our athletes demonstrated outstanding skills and excellent teamwork, and we are proud to announce […]

Artificial Intelligence: the final frontier in aviation?


In 2023, artificial intelligence permeates virtually every industry across the globe. Aviation is no exception with AI reaching new heights – literally. From commercial airlines and the armed forces to private charters and aircraft maintenance, AI has been embraced by multiple businesses, with some saying that this is just the tip of the iceberg. In […]

TSI Marks a Milestone of Collaboration with Coursera

On November 10th, TSI celebrates a one – year milestone of collaboration with Coursera, a global platform for online learning and career development. A year of insightful discoveries, valuable materials and versatility in study process, that is highly evaluated by TSI students and academic staff. TSI is the first higher education institution in Latvia with […]

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